Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

We've batten down the hatches, brought in all possible missiles disguised as flower pots, lawn ornaments, and chairs.

The rain is just starting.  Here's a picture of the calm before the storm.  Will update as the storm progresses.

For those who have attended my crop on Cape Cod will recognize this building.

And those who know my husband will know what he was doing in this picture. lol  Even on vacation, he hunts for wood!

We've been spared the eye of the hurricane and the rain, however the wind is coming in strong.  My mother and I went down to the beach but couldn't open the van door.  You could hear the sand blasting the car.

Here are pictures of Craigville Beach on Nantucket Sound. The water surge has gone over the beach but not into the parking lot yet.  The town has blocked off all beach parking lots.

I am going to try to put attach a video of footage I taped on the top of the bluff in Craigville.  Look at that, it worked.  This is Lisa, reporting to you live from Craigville Beach.

And here is a picture from up on the bluff looking down on the beach where the water surge went over the beach, the parking lot and Craigville Beach Road.

Here is the parking lot at the beach after the water receded.

And here is a picture of the same beach area as the first picture I posted yesterday.  In the first picture you can see the rock jetty, however in this picture it is covered by the water surge.


Denni said...

WAIT!!! I don't see the windows in MY room boarded! Go tell that dh of yours to leave the wood alone and cover my window up there! He'll have plenty of wood to scrounge tomorrow night, lol!

Stay safe out there peep! We've been getting rains all day but they are starting to really pick up now with the outer bands coming through.

Keep posting those pics, although I probably won't get to see them for a week after my power goes out :(


Buffy said...

Wow, the Manor looks so odd with it all boarded up.
Dad is hoping for downed trees at our house so he can stock up for winter. I told him he can have the trees in the front but the back better stay standing, I rather like my house in one piece!! Y'all be careful tomorrow!

holly said...

Looks like a beautiful place to scrap!
Stay Safe!

Lisa said...

Buffy, let's hope that big oak in your front yard doesn't come down!

Hollie, it is a great place for a crop. You should join us next year. :)

Nancy said...

Thanks for the updated photos Lisa... Stay safe... Love the house... even with the boards on the front windows you can still see the beauty of that house!

I'll check in again later!

Anonymous said...

From non blogger to weather reporter! :) Thanks for the updates. Crazy up there! Diana