Saturday, November 26, 2011


What can stop a scrapbooker in their tracks and reduce them to tears (besides an amazing shot of their family)?  Yes, it would be finding a broken lens on their camera.  My heart just stopped, I was stunned beyond words as I took my camera out of the camera bag.  My mother quickly got me in the car and off we drove to the mall to find a replacement lens.  Unfortunately, camera lens are not involved in the Black Friday discount weekend buying blitz.  Fortunately, Best Buy had a DT 55-200 that would fit my Sony SLR.  Quicker, than quick, Santa's elf secured the purchase.  How many more days till Christmas?  Does this picture not make you want to cry?


Denni said...

O. My. Gosh.
I would have been horrified!!
So glad you got a new one so fast, yay MomE!!

Buffy said...

OMG Lisa!!! A photographer/scrappers worst nightmare!! I'm glad you got it fixed right away especially with the holidays coming up.